Windows Phone


WP 8 App Development

Microsoft has released Windows 8 with numerous enhancements in terms of features and functionality and broadly focused on cloud computing and compelling UI.

Chrysalis has always been at competitive edge, in terms of latest tools and technologies. Due to which we are able to host numerous application with security, sync, reliability and due compliance to technology standards. We also expertise in strategic solutions with productive output.

We develop and offer the following service:

Customized mobile apps

Apps using XAML/C#/HTML 5 /WINJS/CSS

Apps for different OS (i.e. x86, x64, ARM – desktops and tablets)

Location based apps

Social networking apps

Enterprise workflow apps

WP 7 App Development

Windows Phone 7 provides a perfect platform to create useful applications for businesses of any kind providing higher usability and fulfilling even the most complex needs. Windows Phone 7 application development is based on Silverlight, XNA, and the .NET Compact Framework 4.Windows Phone 7 provides a rich platform for users to interact with their clients and web services in a handheld device by giving them the opportunity to develop Rich applications.

Chrysalis is present to help you get all those Windows Phone 7 applications that you might require to take your business ahead. We offer springy hiring schemes for Windows Phone 7 that have been designed to suit your convenience. Our team of expert Windows developers make full use of the SDK provided as well as use their own creative and technical skills to give you results that are highly satisfactory. Our team members are experienced in all forms of Windows operations and can lend you solutions to just about any of your needs bringing interactivity and dynamism to your business.

Mobile Commerce Apps

It is also termed as mCommerce.Under Mobile Commerce Application Development myriad of services and products can be defined.

Mobile ticketing services for WP7 mCommerce

Tickets can be booked or cancelled on mobile device using WP7.

Mobile vouchers, coupons and loyalty cards services for WP7 mCommerce

Using mobile ticket technology mobile vouchers, coupons and loyalty cards can be distributed.

Content purchase and delivery services for WP7 mCommerce

It Predominantly consists of the sale of ring-tones, wallpapers, and games for mobile phones.

Location-based services for WP7 mCommerce

Knowing the location of the user allows for location-based services such as

Local weather

Local discount offers

Tracking and monitoring of people

Information services for WP7 mCommerce

A variety of information services can be delivered to mobile users like


Stock quotes

Sports scores

Financial records

Traffic reporting

Mobile banking services for WP7 mCommerce

Banks and other financial institutions use mobile commerce to allow their clients to access account information and make transactions.

Business Application

Nowadays mobile business applications are liable for performing number of business operations. Enterprises can take advantage of the Windows mobile business applications to understand the current needs of the field workers.

Windows 7 Business applications developed by Chrysalis are proficient and effective. Our client base covers following industries

We offer services to following industry verticals:

Healthcare Industry

Insurance Units

Transport Companies

Courier and Logistics+

Manufacturing Units

Publishing & Media Units

Bank and Credit institutions