At Chrysalis we provide a very secure development environment. Data and Project confidentiality is given the highest priority by us. Employees cannot leak any information directly or indirectly outside.

Firewalls are installed on our servers to ensure that access is restricted to users within the development center.

Access to public email systems is blocked and external media access is disabled on all workstations.

Regular virus scans are performed to detect and eliminate virus threats.

Regular software updates and security patches, offered by the software vendors, are installed.

Detailed log files are maintained which enable effective monitoring and tracking of usage.

Users are authenticated before being given access.

Security Measures

Security Staff examines the items entering and leaving the premises.

Our staff selection and personnel policies allow us to build unflattering and highly professional working teams.

We scrutinize legal document(s), background as well as ensure cross layer verification by creating bank account for every hired individual.