Organizational Structure

Chrysalis follows matrix organization structure for successful project execution.This organizational structure enables us to nurture our service as it:

Across different functional lines project integration is allowed

Communication is enhanced also information flow is improved

Allows focusing on both technical qualities and prompt services

Diverse set of skills are brought together

Balance between cost, time and performance are kept

Introduces immense flexibility among different functional areas
Diverse set of skills are brought together

Clients gets benefited from this organization structure as:

Best resources are allocated for clients’ projects

Increased efficiency and uniformity in task balancing

Proper time management, and hence, timely delivery of projects

Single point of communication that leads to better and faster response

Right from start to end of Project ,employees of corresponding departments have to report their day-to-day performance to the Project managers as well as to their Functional Leaders. As soon as the projects are successfully handed to the clients, the resources are made available to the other projects.