Quality Process


Quality assurance/testing is one of the most important components of software development. Software being complex may have lots of bugs,testing helps to detect this bugs.We have highly skilled testing professionals who are acquainted with the advanced testing methods.

To ensure best results Chrysalis perform quality testing in organized way.

Preparation :
QA team prepares test cases and scenarios after discussing with project development team.

Test Execution :
Using variety of software testing techniques and QA testing tools, Chrysalis’s tester performs test.

Fixing bugs :
Developers technically fix them and finally test them again,QA team again verifies it before releasing.

Reporting bugs :
Tester informs the development team about bugs.

Types of Testing Done

User Interface Test :
The objective of user interface test is to assess the efficiency of the application.It helps to ensure the design is user friendly and easy to access.

Navigation Test :
The objective of Navigation Test is to ensure that navigation syntax are applied appropriately.Our testers ensure that users can navigate through screens swiftly.

Network Test :
The objective of this test is to test the flexibility and performance of your application under these networks i.e WiFi, 3G and ensures that it works smoothly on them.

Usability Test :
The main objective of this test is to ensure that whether product’s capacity meet its intended purpose.

Load Test :
This test determines the system behavior under heavy load and the degradation of response time of the system.

System Test :
The main objective of this Black-box type testing is to test the entire system based on overall requirement specification.

Stress Test :
System is stressed beyond its specifications to check how and when it fails.

Integration Test :
The objective of this test is to verify combined functionality of all the modules after integration.